The company has many years of experience in building swimming pools. Some of our services are:

Fiberglass swimming pools

Supply and installation of ready-made fiberglass swimming pools

Monolithic swimming pools

Construction of monolithic reinforced concrete swimming pools

Swimming pool equipment

Professional equipment for concrete and ready-made swimming pools

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BaseiniVarna.BG is a trademark of Rigel Invest Ltd. a company with long experience in the construction of swimming pools. The company operates in Varna and the region as well as in the whole country. The many successful projects and satisfied customers testify to the high quality and professionalism of our services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of supply and installation of swimming pool and equipment is determined individually for each customer after preparation and approval of a specific offer. You can get sample offers here, and in many cases they could also be final. It is necessary to be discussed all the details of the installation together with the customer.
Construction works in concrete swimming pools take about a month – 30 days. Deliveries of finished swimming pools are usually done within 2 to 3 weeks, i.e. up to 20 days after order and signed contract. It is possible to delay up to a week in a peak season. During the waiting time of the swimming pool delivery, the initial works can be carried out and even a filter group is delivered and installed in the service room.
The warranty of fiberglass swimming pools is normally 3 years. They are produced in a specialized and certified european plant.
The warranty of concrete swimming pools is normally 3 years. They are actually produced locally on the site.
The equipment has a 2-year warranty for both concrete and fiberglass swimming pools, but as a generic product is ultimately offered, we offer our customers a 3-year warranty.
It covers mainly but not only the Varna region. Installations can be carried out throughout the country as well as outside the country.

Duration of exploitation:

  • Concrete – no limit values are set, maintenance and replacement of equipment are possible during prolonged operation.
  • Fiberglass – no limit values, repairs and replacement of equipment are possible.
The choice of concrete and ready made fiberglass is not easy. Both options have advantages and disadvantages that we need to be aware of. Concrete swimming pools are massive and built-in, extremely heavy structures, which together with the water in the swimming pool, in most cases, are nearly 100 tons, whose settling is unpredictable. A crack in a 1 cm in time, almost irreparable consequences can be caused to the watertight walls and bottom of the swimming pool. The concrete swimming pools are lined entirely with glass ceramic tiles, which are joined together. Chemicals take part of the joint over time and the tiles inevitably begin to fall at a certain point, requiring repairs, and after a certain point these activities are already regular. The construction activities in them take about a month – 30 days. Ultimately, these swimming pools are about 20% more expensive than all other swimming pools. Concrete swimming pools, however, have no limitations in shapes, dimensions and depths. The repairs are relatively simple and rough construction works and can be carried out by builders with experience in such work. Reinforced fiberglass swimming pool bases with several layers of polyester resins and special fabric are delivered ready to site with a special transport and cranes are unloaded in the trench. Installation activities are about 2-3 days. The construction works also last so long. About 20% more profitable than concrete, save time and all rough construction work. There are no tiles and joints, which facilitates maintenance and cleaning. However, they have limitations in shapes, sizes and depths. They still have to be transported to their place and unloaded with a crane for which there must be a physical possibility. But they are still very suitable for family houses and small hotels. The repair, if required, is specific and should only be carried out by a narrowly specialized worker. Fiberglass is the same material as the modern yachts.
Appropriate size is determined by the individual needs, possibilities and assets of your own terrain. The most preferred proportions are 6m x 3m, 8m x 4m, 10m x 5m. Alternatives to these sizes are available and can be selected, built and installed.
In the case of a fiberglass swimming pool, access must be made to the pool’s hole on trucks with a length of 12m to 15m.

The swimming pool equipment is standard and professional, with possible different price classes. The equipment needed for installation on the swimming pool is usually:

  • 1 skimmer
  • 2 inflow nozzles
  • 1 projector with junction box
  • Tube system
  • Cabling.

The equipment for the filter / service room is:

  • Ready-to-use plastic filter room with lid with water drainage and locking mechanism, built-in ground with metal frame and drain holes, feet and pump stand.
  • Filtration pump, based on the size of the swimming pool and its cubic capacity.
  • Sand filter, based on the size of the swimming pool and its cubic capacity.
  • Pipe connections, cranes and fittings of reinforced, thick-walled PVC
  • Connections to water and sewage systems network.
  • Electrical control panel with protection, watertight, with breakers, motor protection, defective-current protection and pump timer, for determining its operating mode.
There is a wide variety of color combinations in glass ceramics for concrete swimming pool lining. The same is true of fiberglass swimming pools. There are blue base colors that are included in the value of the swimming pool’s body as well as additional special colors and 3D colors. They have an option to be ordered with a heat insulating layer – a lattice structure from PPR that strengthens the reinforced body and makes it even more flexible and durable. It also helps to keep the higher the water temperature for longer.
The client must provide physical access to the site / parcel for mechanization – excavator, transport truck and truck or position as close as possible to the swimming pool trench. The site must be available to the installation team – electricity and water, ie suitable wiring and plumbing power supply to the location of the service / filter room.
  • Preparation of the ground for excavation
  • Enable the required depth
  • Align the trench – walls and bottom
  • Preparation for pouring underground concrete
  • Formwork
  • Casting of concrete
  • Leveling the concrete
  • Decryption
  • Spreading the excavation finger
  • Reverse backfilling after installation of the pool and equipment while filling the swimming pool with water. The backfilling may be desirable to be filled with sand and gravel delivered to the site, as these materials do not have to settle for 2 years, such as excavated soil.
  • Optionally, a cast / concrete ring / walkway / beach around the swimming pool can be cast as well as a boarding stone around the swimming pool. The paths can be covered with granite or decay.
The Construction and Assembly Works can also be executed by the client, if possible and willing, on the part of the client, following the instruction and familiarization with the specifics of the work.
In all swimming pool variants, foundation concrete is recommended. Fiberglass swimming pools require a leveling base, which is most often achieved by casting foundation concrete, which also protects the body from damage to the bottom of the dredged stones, as well as underlying in the time. On the bottom floor is laid a concrete floor, dense fiber or other thermal insulation on which to lay without risk the swimming pool body. The foundation concrete is not obligatory, and sand can be laid as a sand pillow, where the leveling is difficult, and in this case the heat insulation on the concrete is layed.
Each equipment contains a chemical tester kit to dosing and monitor the levels of chemicals needed for the normal operation of the swimming pool. These are: -PH- regulator, fast / shock chlorine, slow-soluble chlorine, algicide. Installations such as salt electrolysis, UV lamps, etc. may be possible where the need for chemicals can be reduced but not completely replaced. When starting and ending a season, in many cases, it is necessary to have a shock treatment of the water with the above-mentioned chemicals.

The swimming pool is cleaned with the equipment included in the standard offer:

  • The cage serves for seeding the surface leaves, mosses and other wastes on the water mirror.
  • The vacuum cleaner with telescopic finger serves to collect waste from the bottom. For proper use, first vent the hose / ribbed hose thoroughly by filling it with water and then hooked to the opening of the skimmer or the suction nozzle to create a vacuum through which the sucked debris that is retained in the pump head , and the water passes and purifies through the quartz sand filter. The filter should be cleaned regularly when the pressure gauge is changed / overtaken / entered into the red section.
  • The brush from the kit is used to clean the hard-to-reach areas and the swimming pool walls.
The summer solar temperature-retaining PE covers reduce water surface contamination. Winter antisolar PVC covers are virtually indispensable as they keep the water clean and protect against the growth of microorganisms and eliminate the need to replace the water in the swimming pool, thus saving water and chemicals, as well as time. For both types of covers, there are suitable metal or wood structures to facilitate the use or increase the effectiveness of the covers. Telescopic, all-year polycarbonate coatings with aluminum construction protect the water against contamination and protect children from water. In addition, they can also be used as a winter garden, extend the pool season and give the swimming pool a complete look.

Download the instruction for exploitation of swimming pools.


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Modular fiberglass swimming pool type LAGUNA


Modular fiberglass swimming pool type MARINA


Modular fiberglass swimming pool type GOLF


Modular fiberglass swimming pool type DELTA


Concrete steel composite monolith swimming pool


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