24000,00 лв.34000,00 лв.

Concrete steel composite monolith swimming pool



Rectangular monolithic swimming pool

The most preferred proportions for the swimming pool are 1: 2. The rectangular shape is classic, is suitable for sports purposes and practically fits into each yard. The free-flowing shapes can be a manifestation of original taste and aesthetic requirements. It’s built in the shape of the customer, in order to make optimum use of the free space provided for the pool. Massive construction is performed on site by skilled and experienced builders.


All shapes, sizes and depths are possible. It can be built with both skimmers and overflows to perform filtration and according to aesthetic requirements. There is an option for decorative pieces and panels and any color combinations when selecting glass ceramics. Stairs can be built at any place on the swimming pool or a stainless steel ladder can be installed.

The price includes:

  • Concrete swimming pool
  • Standard colour – glass-ceramic mix
  • Ready filter room
  • Standard equipment
  • Installation of all equipment
  • Maintainance water complect tools
  • Maintainance water chemicals kit
  • Construction-Assembly works
  • Transport
  • VAT


3 years.

Additional information

Sample size

6x3x1,5 m, 7×3,5×1,5 m, 8x4x1,5 m, 9×4,5×1,5 m, 10x5x1,5 m

Standard Equipment

Necessary equipment for the pools is standard and professional, with possible different price classes.

The equipment needed for installation on the pool is usually:

  • 1 skimmer
  • 2 inflow nozzles
  • 1 projector enclosure junction box
  • Tube system
  • Cabling.

The equipment for the filter / service room is:

  • Ready-to-use PE filter room with lid with water drains and locking mechanism for installation in the ground with a metal frame and drain holes, feet and pump stand.
  • Filtration pump, based on the size of the pool and its cubic capacity.
  • Sand filter, based on the size of the pool and its cubic capacity.
  • Pipe connections, cranes and fittings of reinforced, thick-walled PVC
  • Connecting elements to plumbing and electrical network.
  • Control panel with protection, waterproof, with electrical switches, motor protection, defective-current protection and pump timer to determine its operating mode.