Okay, but you need to know some basic things. Construction of a concrete swimming pool is a responsible work. Most importantly, this is done by competent people with sufficient experience in this job! Collective brigades from neighbors and friends are not recommended. This usually results in accelerated hair thinning and whitening after the swimming pool is filled and used for its intended purpose.

The most important moments in the construction are:
  1. Formwork and reinforcement on the bottom and walls. Most builders, when they make a swimming pool without a design from a constructor, allow fatal errors. For example a swimming pool torn in 11 places, and a swimming pool bent in the middle (built on a rock).
  2. When casting concrete, continuous bottom-wall casting technology should be used. Otherwise, the risk of getting a crack right in this line is extremely high.
  3. The daytime air temperature during construction should be > 5 ° C. Other important points are the use of suitable quality materials for plastering and waterproofing of the basin of the swimming pool, as well as the selection of tiles and finishing elements – on-board stone and “beach” around the swimming pool. Sometimes, in the case of inadvertent construction work, the integrity of the pipe system may be impaired, resulting in leakage and water loss.

In case of inappropriate treatment of the swimming pool with chemicals, often, over time, the joints become darker and worn out more quickly, and after longer use, tiles begin to fall. In limestone areas, limestone is deposited on the tiles. Of course everything is fixable!
If your choice of builder and swimming pool is accurate, you will enjoy your own “sea” in your yard.