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Modular fiberglass swimming pool type DELTA

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Modular swimming pool Delta

Relax, calm and swim, you can enjoy all this in an oasis of freshness in your yard. Would you like to own a swimming pool with a sporting aspect without sacrificing space for your garden? In this case DELTA is a good choice if you want to swim in length. This swimming pool can be equipped with a counterflow installation or a hydromassage installation of its underwater lounge or its internal benches – benches.


RThe walls are made of vinyl ester and polyester resins reinforced with fiberglass; on the outside there are metal reinforcements covered with fiberglass and reinforced polyester.
HThe walls are made of sandwich structure: vinyl ester, reinforced with fiberglass, and polyester resins – polypropylene honeycomb structure – polyester resins reinforced with fiberglass.
CThe walls are made of sandwich structure: vinyl ester, reinforced with fiberglass, and polyester resins – ceramic reinforcement structure with higher mechanical pressure – polyester resins reinforced with fiberglass.

The price includes:

  • Fiberglass swimming pool by option
  • Standard colour
  • Ready made filter room
  • Standard pool and filtration equipment
  • Installation of all equipment
  • Maintainance water complect tools
  • Maintainance water chemicals kit
  • Transport
  • VAT

Additionally calculated: /because of the individual specifics and locations of each plot/

  • Construction-Assembly works for fiberglass swimming pool /main works – excavation, foundation, installing thermo-insulation, back filling/
  • Unloading by autocrane

The Construction and Assembly Works can also be executed by the client, if possible and willing, on the part of the client, following the instruction and familiarization with the specifics of the work.

Optionally calculated:

  • Concrete path around the swimming pool
  • Boarding stone around the swimming pool
  • Cover for the swimming pool
  • Additional swimming pool extras
  • Etc.


  • 3 years.

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4×2,5х1,25 m, 5,5×3х1,50 m, 6,5×3,2х1,25 m, 6,5×3,2х1,50 m, 7,5×3,4х1,25 m, 7,5×3,4х1,50 m, 8,5×3,6х1,50 m, 9,5×3,8х1,50 m, 10,5×4х1,50 m


R – reinforced, H – honeycomb / C – ceramic


Standard, Special /3D Colour