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Modular fiberglass swimming pool type GOLF



Modular swimming pool Golf

The classical style of the Roman oval stairs gives the GOLF swimming pool an aspect of elegance and luxury. The semi-circular relaxation area offers the ideal place for a hydromassage installation or simply a relaxation and conversation zone without interfering with the area dedicated to swimming. GOLF is a classically designed swimming pool ideal for family and friends.


RThe walls are made of vinyl ester and polyester resins reinforced with fiberglass; on the outside there are metal reinforcements covered with fiberglass and reinforced polyester.
HThe walls are made of sandwich structure: vinyl ester, reinforced with fiberglass, and polyester resins – polypropylene honeycomb structure – polyester resins reinforced with fiberglass.
CThe walls are made of sandwich structure: vinyl ester, reinforced with fiberglass, and polyester resins – ceramic reinforcement structure with higher mechanical pressure – polyester resins reinforced with fiberglass.

The price includes:

  • Fiberglass swimming pool by option
  • Standard colour
  • Ready made filter room
  • Standard pool and filtration equipment
  • Installation of all equipment
  • Maintainance water complect tools
  • Maintainance water chemicals kit
  • Transport
  • VAT

Additionally calculated: /because of the individual specifics and locations of each plot/

  • Construction-Assembly works for fiberglass swimming pool /main works – excavation, foundation, installing thermo-insulation, back filling/
  • Unloading by autocrane

The Construction and Assembly Works can also be executed by the client, if possible and willing, on the part of the client, following the instruction and familiarization with the specifics of the work.

Optionally calculated:

  • Concrete path around the swimming pool
  • Boarding stone around the swimming pool
  • Cover for the swimming pool
  • Additional swimming pool extras
  • Etc.


  • 3 years.

Additional information


6×3,4х1,25 m, 6×3,4х1,50 m, 7×3,4х1,25 m, 7×3,4х1,50 m, 7×4х1,50 m, 8×3,6х1,50 m, 8×4х1,50 m, 9×3,8х1,50 m, 9×4х1,50 m, S 10×4х1,50 m, 10×4х1,50 m


R – reinforced, H – honeycomb / C – ceramic


Standard, Special /3D Colour



Light GreenLight Green


Twilight ShimmerTwilight Shimmer
Tropical ShimmerTropical Shimmer
Mid BlueMid Blue
Bermuda BlueBermuda Blue
Hawaiian SandHawaiian Sand
Pool GreyPool Grey



Standard Equipment

Necessary equipment for the pools is standard and professional, with possible different price classes.

The equipment needed for installation on the pool is usually:

  • 1 skimmer
  • 2 inflow nozzles
  • 1 projector enclosure junction box
  • Tube system
  • Cabling.

The equipment for the filter / service room is:

  • Ready-to-use PE filter room with lid with water drains and locking mechanism for installation in the ground with a metal frame and drain holes, feet and pump stand.
  • Filtration pump, based on the size of the pool and its cubic capacity.
  • Sand filter, based on the size of the pool and its cubic capacity.
  • Pipe connections, cranes and fittings of reinforced, thick-walled PVC
  • Connecting elements to plumbing and electrical network.
  • Control panel with protection, waterproof, with electrical switches, motor protection, defective-current protection and pump timer to determine its operating mode.