Another type of swimming pool that deserves serious attention is the fiberglass swimming pool. They have emerged on the European market in the last decade, with each passing year, gaining an increasing share in this sector. They have a number of advantages:
  1. Competitive price
  2. Extremely light maintenance – no joints, easy and fast cleaning
  3. Nearly no heavy and “dirty” construction works in the yard (except excavation and backfilling)
  4. You can avoid building a concrete pump room (as in the swimming pool) by digging a small pit to the swimming pool with the size of a PE box for the pump and the filter. It has a top cover with a pleasant green color that fits well into the lawn.
  5. In addition to choosing the shape and size of a fiberglass swimming pool, some important moments should be considered:
  6. The leveling of the swimming pool in the trench can be done on gravel pillows and top sand, but the perfect leveling is achieved on a concrete substrate topped with a higher density fiber.
  7. It is of the utmost importance that the backfill is carried out very carefully with a clean soil – no stones that could damage the basin of the swimming pool.
The only disadvantage of this type of swimming pool is the lack of a bottom siphon that would weaken the entire “bowl” of the swimming pool and the discharge of water with a dip pump. The pipe duct and equipment for all types of swimming pools is almost analogous. It is the responsibility of the owners to supply water and electricity lines to the swimming pool pump.