One of the best days in our memories are the rest with the kids by the swimming pool. And for the days to remain in the memories of everyone as the best one has to observe several safety rules. It is important not to let the kids out of sight and to explain their safety rules.


  • When you are in a public swimming pool, pay attention to the signs. They are placed there to inform and protect you from dangers.
  • When you are near the edge of the swimming pool you do not have to run. The area around the swimming pool may be slippery, especially for children, if there is a splash of water outside the swimming pool.
  • When you are going in and going out of the swimming pool, be careful. If the swimming pool has a ladder, use it.
  • Never swim alone. If there are children by the swimming pool, there must always be an adult to watch them.
  • Games should not be rough. Fighting and acrobatic numbers can be very dangerous. If there is a case of striking the head, it may lead to unconsciousness.
  • Alcohol-related injuries are also among the common problems. Alcohol can aggravate an accident by slowing down reflexes and increasing clumsiness.
  • Young and inexperienced children should have protective equipment – shoulders, belts, sleeves. Despite their presence, do not leave children unattended because they can quickly get out of them.
  • Never let children play near water purification pumps. There is a great danger of submerging the head under the water, so that the hair can be sucked in by the pumps and make it impossible to swim over the water. The same applies to other parts of the body. Ensure that the swimming pool has drainage covers.
  • After completing the swimming activities, take all the toys out of the swimming pool to avoid being tempted to return to play. Also secure it so that someone does not get back into the water.